Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ship Shape

The western bed is shaping up. I may even plant tomorrow! I only have two plants, but I'll go for it anyway. The side bed has been in the preparation process for about two years, it is soon to be christened tomorrow by a pairing of yellow coneflower and purple prairie clover.

The full bed will be flanked by a variety of sunflowers. The middle ranks will be filled with some purple and yellow coneflower and yarrow. And the prarie clover toward the front. I'll need some other lower growing plants to fill out the front, but I haven't thought that far ahead.

The more I look at the patch, the smaller it seems to be, but to be honest I was having designs on enlarging it when I first started. I don't like the look of small beds dwarfed by the house or tree they're planted by, but am worried about maintenance. It needs to be pretty darn low. Also, its a challenging clay soil west facing bed. Nothing has grown there yet for more than a year. If these guys can take it, I may expand. We will see.

I'm a bit unsure as to how all of these will really grow. I've never planted any of them before so I'll be planting blind. Didn't plan the colors much, but figure it will turn out fine. If the bee's like it, so do I. If it grows... I like it.

I'll post some pictures when I get more than two plants in the hole.

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