Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding The Essence

I read an article on P Allen Smith's website that mentioned the Secret Garden. In fact, it was a musing on the art of Secret Gardening. The way he explained it put the idea into perspective for me. Having recently found an old forum were a family installed a Secret Garden of their own for their children (reclaimed side yard finished complete with locked gate and water feature) I was already keyed into the idea.

I had been feeling a bit lackluster about all my landscaping ideas. Just trying to fill problem spaces with something interesting. Just trying to make something grow in that place. Just trying to incorporate more room without lost and floating specimens. Adding structure to do it. Just trying to avoid eye contact with every one who drives by when I'm in the back yard in my PJ's. Just grasping for what nearest.

I've found what I've been looking for. That element of design that I was missing in spite all of my clever ideas. The frog pond, the rock wall, the side path, the arbors. All elements coming together, if executed with skill and mind, to create the magic and intrigue of a secret garden. The mystery, the

No matter how well manicured, eco friendly, or beautifully planted a yard might be, if they lack the mystery and magic they're no match for the shabby overgrown witches house down the road or even an arrangement of peat pot seedlings on the sill of a basement window...

Mysterious, magical, unknown, my own.

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