Thursday, May 21, 2009


Driving myself crazy at the moment doing everything on the computer. I want to throw it from myself yelling "no more!", but I cant. I think its an addiction. Besides, what else would I do right now! The internet has almost limitless possibilities of entertainment! All while sitting on the couch!

Well, before I brain the puppy by tossing laptops around I just wanted to drop a handy website. Ive been on the wagon for a while, but this site has some newly packaged information. Some of it is even newish!

You've probably heard things about how great pollinators are. And how we must save them! Well they are and we should. I personally just love to see wild things at home in my garden living close to me. Its so magical that these things exist all by them selves. They don't need humans to birth their young, or shuck their ears, and plant each summer... They don't need to be owned or allowed. They just are. And that they choose to grace my yard with their presence cheers me immensely.

All of my childhood memories of searching under rocks and in ponds for the beautiful critters. All of my hoping and praying that I'd catch another mudpuppy, or glimpse a hummingbird moth. All of those youthful musings at becoming a biologist when I grow up. Coming again to some fruition in my back yard.

I planted the purple prairie clover and yellow cone flower in my bed today. My purple cone flower is less than an inch tall as I started it from seed however... as is my red yarrow. This could be a problem later.

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