Monday, May 4, 2009

The Guts

Some dude who's name I wont look up said that the gut is the second brain. My second brain tells me that edible landscaping is the way to go. The latest epiphany, that kiwi can be grown here. Completely shocking. I suppose its true that the furry ones in the grocery store ARE somewhat tropical, (tropical, being of course, somewhere it doesn't snow and freeze all winter. Like Portland!). The hairless kiwi's are super hardy. Some to zone 5, which we are, and some down to 3 or4! Thats like... negative 40 degrees! Go figure!

The super cold hardy ones are also kinda pretty. They all grow in a vine habit and like sturdy trellising. I think I may steal one of my sites for future vines, and stick a kiwi there instead!

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