Monday, May 10, 2010


Traveling to Thailand put me a month late this year. I think everything will come out alright in the end though....

At least I did think so. Then we found out we were moving! Come July we'll be, all goes well, setting off to a new town and new jobs and new opportunities. New garden, new beds. New soil, new weather... I'm excited. On the other hand, this throws a wrench in the whole idea of having a garden. My tomato seedlings are couple inches tall, and though they should three times that by now, I don't see them staying in a pot till we touch down somewhere else. Unless I get some much bigger pots. Even so, I cant ask my parents to move my three potted blueberries AND 20 full grown tomato and pepper plants across two states in a Uhaul. I've considered it... but its a bit much.

I could plant them all and give whoever buys (hopefully it sells in good order) our house a fine vegetable garden underway. Already they're getting mature fruit trees, a raspberry patch, and my BEAUTIFUL blueberries. The last I'm grieving for. Three year old plants... patriot, duke, bluecrop and chandler. Haven't even harvested off them as you're supposed to knock of the first two years of berries to get the bushes established. Ive concidered digging them. Theyre young enough they might survive... But I wont have a bed ready for them. It might just be greedy and spiteful to take them.

Following suit with the other childrens I've made my moving demands. PlayStation 3 for my brother... build a bear for my sister. My boon, 10 additional blueberry plants. Hopefully to make up for the production of my four third-year plants. Already laying plans to deal with alkali soils and limey water.... Just in case.

Still, my Burgundy Maine wild blueberries on the berm will be left behind too. Those I planted fall last year. Waited till they went on sale for $5 a pop. Not my first choice, as I had been cooing over them since spring, but a sweet deal for gallon plants. Hopefully I'll try a berry off them before we leave. Also a Serviceberry I finally found in town. Even got it for 50% off as the Nursery owner had trouble selling it. She loves them, planted the other 3 that hadn't sold, and wanted it to go to a good home. So its in on the berm and looks lovely. I was planning on a light barked variety, but the orange gold bark looks great with the purpley plum trees behind it.

My berm and and my blueberries... sigh. But if all goes well I may have room for my two cherry trees and my Calville Blanc and Belle de Boskoop apples... and mullberries and currants and on and on.

I do what I can. I'll plant what I have and get ready to part with it. Dream and plan for what may be in store.

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